water spring

The natural water spring – Kanela

The natural water spring, Kanela, is located on the area of Grebaštica Gornja and it represents the real natural treasure of the area of Grebaštica. It is believed that already the ancient Romans used that natural water spring.

In 1930 the municipality of Šibenik made a small reservoir and a horseshoe-shaped concrete laundry spot. The inscription in honour of the king Alexander I was put there as well.

The Hill​

The hill of Jelinjak​

The hill of Jelinjak, aproximately 3 km long, stretches along the southern part of Grebaštica, where the area of Šparadići takes place.

The dense forest of the Alepo pine is the main characteristic of the hill of Jelinjak. The first Alepo pine trees planted on this area date back to the late 19th and early 20th century.

The Pit ​


The pit Golubinka is located on the area of Grebaštica Donja, in Galešnica. It represents one of the habitats of the rock pigeons and is directly connected to the sea via underground channels.

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