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The first mentioning of Grebaštica

Grebaštica had been inhabited since ancient Roman times. It was mentioned for the first time as “Grebac” in the 13th century.

The inhabitants of Grebaštica have always been engaged in agriculture, livestock breeding and fishing, which has been partially maintained to this day.


Traditional olive oil production

Since past times Grebaštica was widely known for the production of the highest quality olive oil in the Šibenik region. The impressive olive tree fields represent still today enchanting decoration of the Grebaštica’s hinterland.

The traditional olive oil production as well as numerous local products such as figs and asparagus are something that Grebaštica is to be remembered for.

peninsula of Oštrica

Medieval defensive wall on the peninsula of Oštrica

In the medieval times the construction of the unique defensive wall on the peninsula of Oštrica began, that was used for a defense from the Turkish invasion. The original monument of the turbulent history of the area of Grebaštica, that the inhabitants of Grebaštica are especially proud of, is today protected by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.

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