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Cultural Summer in Grebaštica

The Cultural Summer in Grebaštica every year all over again makes sure that all the guests and visitors staying in Grebaštica have a lots of fun during the summer season.
Numerous events taking place in different locations on the area of Grebaštica are suitable for all generations.

Theme children's workshops

Very well known for its quite atmosphere and family vacation, during the summer season Grebaštica offers the whole range of different workshops for children placed in different locations in Grebaštica and organized according to various topics. Origami, art, creative, reading and other workshops for children will make sure that the youngest ones, as well as their parents have fun.

Traditional Night of Grebaštica

From year to year the highlight of the Cultural Summer in Grebaštica is anyhow the Night of Grebaštica that is held traditionally last Saturday in July. The program is adjusted to all tastes and the party last until the morning hours.

Folklore evening hosted by the folklore ensamble "Bedem" from Grebaštica

The local folklore ensamble "Bedem" from Grebaštica is very important participant of the Cultural Summer in Grebaštica, as well as the most valuable guardian of the tradition of the Grebaštica's area. The traditional customs are to be presented to the guests in August every year, in order to provide the possibility for the guests to get to know the local inhabitants as well as the history of this area in the best possible way.

Fishermen's evening

Along with the centuries-old tradition of agriculture, the fishing also got the attention of the locals by time. In order to get to know the Dalmatian customs existing in Grebaštica as well, every summer there is the Fishermen's evening organized in Grebaštica accompanied by traditional Dalmatian a cappella music.

Under the open sky

An acoustic nights series called "Under the open sky" event offers unique experience to its visitors. In silence, in quiet locations, accompanied by special atmosphere created by the sound of water such as the natural water spring Kanela and enlighted by moonlight, the unique experience is created, that remains in memory forever.

Sport events

For all active vacation fans there are numerous sport events in the Grebaštica's Cultural summer offer, among which Grebaštica cycling tour stands out, and for the youngest ones, but physically active as well, there is the Children's triathlon adjusted to the child's age.